Published on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:20pm

Delivering Quality Livestock Equipment

By Steve Weisman

With a philosophy and tagline of “Quality Livestock Equipment, From Our Family to Yours,” Bob Lantis, owner of RJL Enterprises (www.rjlenterprisesllc
.com), a central Nebraska livestock equipment distributor, is focused on continuing the company’s reputation for selling the top brands of livestock handling equipment with the same integrity established by his father Jim Lantis.

Although the company name has changed from JL Enterprises to RJL Enterprises, the tradition of excellence remains the same. “It is our goal to continue to provide our customers with the same high-quality livestock equipment with the same unmatched customer service that they have come to expect over the last 23 years.”

“My father started the company in 1992,” says Bob, who graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln with a Diversified Agriculture degree in 2001. “My heart has always been in agriculture.” So, after working as an agricultural loan officer and an insurance agent, Bob returned to work for his father in January of 2013, first as a sales representative and then for a year as manager of the daily operations and sales.

This past September, Bob purchased the business from his father, but as his father says, “Our name and look may have changed, but our core values have not,” said James Lantis. “RJL is built on the foundation of delivering high-quality equipment and superior service to customers.”

At the same time, Bob notes that his father will continue to be part of the business helping with sales, delivering product and attending trade shows.

Products with the animals in mind

RJL Enterprises offers a variety of livestock handling equipment, including cattle chutes, loading chutes, portable chutes and tubs, livestock scales and working corrals. A lot of research has gone into the equipment with a goal of selling a quality product that helps keep the animals safe with lower stress. “We are fortunate to be able to offer our customers equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the industry,” says Bob.

In addition, RJL Enterprises can also offer design options. “We will also work with the customer from the very beginning by helping them design the actual working facility. For example, we will go out to the location and see what the customer has and then make drawings to show them what the work facility would look like with the products in place.”

Products come from well-known and trusted manufacturers such as Daniels Manufacturing and Pearson Livestock Equipment in Nebraska, Winkel Manufacturing and Titan West in Kansas and Rupp Manufacturing in Iowa. “These companies manufacture truly quality equipment with very little worry about product issues. We know that our customers are looking for quality products that last.” If and when issues do arise, however, Bob stresses that he and his dad will be there to solve the problem.

“We only sell products we would sell to our own family,” explains Bob. “Livestock equipment is often passed down from generation to generation, so RJL only sells equipment we believe will withstand years of use.”

Building relationships

Based out of Sutherland, Nebraska, RJL Enterprises has customers across the country. “Most of our customers are in the Midwest, but we will go wherever farmers and ranchers want our products.”

RJL Enterprises takes great pride in the fact that almost every piece of equipment sold is either delivered by Bob or Jim. “This gives us the opportunity to get to know each customer face to face and build long-lasting relationships,” notes Bob.

“We believe in doing this, because it helps us get to know each of our customers. Plus, our manufacturers are very good at listening to what our customers want, and they will customize a product to meet the individual needs of that customer. Our goal is to design the product just the way the customer wants it for his particular situation.”

Only a phone call away-24/7

RJL Enterprises is not a 9-5 business. “I am available 24/7,” Bob says with a smile. “I am only a phone call away. If there is a problem or a customer needs a product, I want them to call me. I learned this from my dad. We’re there for the customer; we’re there when they need us. Farmers and ranchers don’t work on a 9-5 schedule. When an issue comes up, they have to take care of it. They know we’re there.”

And why not? “It all fits in with the RJL philosophy: “Quality Livestock Equipment, From Our Family to Yours.”