Sometimes - You Just have to say “You’re Right”

Published on Wed, 04/08/2020 - 5:57pm

Sometimes - You Just have to say “You’re Right”.

 By Larry Myers – Strobel Manufacturing.

 Jillian was 18 years old and off to college.
Having grown up on a family-owned feedyard in rural Northwest Oklahoma, her family fully expected her to quickly adjust to life in the big city and leave behind the daily grind of caring and working with cattle.

“It’s hard work,” her father recalls saying, “It’s dirty and windy and sometimes it’s very difficult to make money.  I just didn’t see Jill wanting to come back.  But, I am so grateful she did.”
Over the past 20 years, Dale and Mary Moore have grown Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard in Gage, Oklahoma to a third-party feeding operation that handles and cares for 10,000 head of cattle year round.  Dale obviously knows how to run and grow a feedyard.  But, he humbly admits that he didn’t (and doesn’t) have all the answers.

“Sometimes in this industry we can bury our heads in the sand and ignore some things that can make a big difference in our operation,” said Dale – owner/president of CCFI.  “Jill has had a passion for the animals since she was really young.  And, when she came home from college she was convinced that shade could provide a huge benefit to our operation. She started researching and found the Strobel Super Shade was the best solution.”
So, Dale had 40 Strobel Super Shades delivered and said the results were immediate and significant.

“You hate to admit to your kids they’re right – but sometimes you have to,” Dale adds with a laugh. “Our heifers tend to average 50+/- % prime.  Now we are seeing 60% with shade.”
“It only took 20 years and my daughter in the office flooding me with research,” he tacks on.  “It’s amazing now that I see it . . . one of the best investments we’ve every made. I wish I could have done it years ago.”
Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard is planning on at least another 45 Super Shades to expand their shade coverage and meet the need.

Strobel Super Shades:
• Proven Sturdy Design & Superior 40’x40’ Size provide 1,600 square feet of shade for 100+ head of cattle
• Purpose Built Concrete Base holds the structure firmly in place and provides easy portability with fork pockets and recessed eyelet

• Self-Storing 70% Shur-Co Tarp provides perfect sun block and stores easily on the frame for winter

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