The Stampede Toward 3D Technology Has Begun With The Most Advanced And Efficient Precision Weighing System In The Industry

Published on Wed, 08/26/2020 - 12:21pm

The Stampede Toward 3D Technology Has Begun With The Most Advanced And Efficient Precision Weighing System In The Industry.

 Introducing The ClicRweight® Bovine Solution. It’s A Game Changer!

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The ClicRweight® Bovine Solution is a proprietary, 3D, digital imaging system that utilizes cutting-edge software and algorithms to instantly scan an animal and produce the weight with an accuracy of  4 to 5%, and it all happens seamlessly, when cattle get a drink of water—providing 24/7 ADG  data instantly. This unique and revolutionary system empowers ranchers to quickly improve the performance and profitability of their business. Tracking animal weights continuously, in real time, presents the opportunity to rapidly get animals to market when they’re just the right weight.

More Data More Often Means More Return On Your Investment.
In the cattle industry, data equals dollars. It’s why the ClicRweight® Bovine Solution system is quickly revolutionizing the status quo, by creating greater efficiencies, saving time, money, and allowing ranchers to maximize profits with minimal effort, ushering in a new era of precision agriculture. With ClicRweight®, there is no need to corral cattle onto trailers and take them to be weighed. It’s time consuming and unnecessarily stresses the cattle. And stressed cattle lose weight. The ClicRweight® system is as easy as and stress free as leading them to water.

The information on every head can be accessed anywhere and anytime on any computer or mobile device. The 3D camera—which collects the image information in a millisecond as each cow is drinking water—is also fitted with an RFID reader, so livestock weight gain and loss can be easily and continually tracked. The information gathered by the imaging system is automatically transmitted to a central processing unit, which calculates the animal’s weight and uploads it to the central database. The data can be reviewed 24 hours a day remotely or at the ranch through a web browser. It’s intuitive, user friendly, and will fast become the most powerful tool at your disposal.

The system easily sets weight ranges that are visibly trackable, and because there is a designated system for channeling stock to water, cattle can be automatically marked with a paint sprayer that identifies underweight or ready weight stock. This feature makes it easy to spot the cattle that need to be moved or are meeting the standard WDA (weight per day) that is expected. Simply put, ClicRweight® leaves nothing to chance, instantly tracking and data-basing average daily gain and automatically identifying cattle ready to ship.

Developed By Cattlemen For Cattlemen.
The ClicRweight® solution was invented by rancher and life-long entrepreneur Joey Spicola. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Spicola began raising cattle in southern Alabama in the late 1990’s. His knowledge of the financial markets and business acumen led to the development of some innovative techniques for optimizing profitability in the cattle market. He and a group of investors bought a ranch in west Texas, and through multiple acquisitions eventually built a three-thousand-acre stocker operation.

During this time, Spicola, and his son Joey Jr., experienced firsthand the challenges of determining and managing the weight of livestock. The economic impact and inaccuracies inherent in the traditional methods of weight-checking drove them to create the revolutionary “take a picture, get a weight” system, working with a team of engineers to develop the proprietary algorithms that make the system work.

The application of ClicRweight® technology will not only change the method used to weigh livestock, it will increase the frequency at which they are weighed—automatically. The advantage of having accurate weights available is optimal for medicating livestock, as well as knowing the optimum time to ship livestock.
This revolution in smart farming, reduces waste, accurately and continuously tracks weights while preventing the stress involved in traditional weighing methods.

Bovine Solutions That Work.
ClicRtechnologies™ is singularly focused on developing world-class technological systems to solve the problems associated with weighing and managing livestock. We are committed to developing advanced technologies for ranchers and dedicated to providing the most advanced vision software, and providing greatest efficiencies, with our unparalleled expertise in 3D imaging. We are focused on the expansion of our weight capture technology and the development of future applications that will deliver cutting edge solutions to increase production efficiency across multiple industries.

If your operation is still using the labor-intensive method of rounding up cattle for transport and weighing, the ClicRweight® system will dramatically streamline your workload and create efficiencies that lead to more profit and better stock across the herd.
ClicRweight® technicians will install the system and train you to reach your performance goals.

Call ClicRtechnologies™ today or visit our website to watch the system in action and hear from ranchers who know first-hand how the ClicRweight® Bovine Solution system has forever changed the way they run their business. We’ll even provide a live demonstration.

Benefits of the ClicRweight® Bovine Solution include:
Scaleless Weighing • 24/7 ADG • Data anywhere on any device • Capture, export & email data • Review Tonnage Daily • Track genetics and historical data • Reduced Feed Costs • Reduce traumas to animals that can lead to weight loss, injury or death • Paint Identifying Technology • Turn ranch/farm faster • Maximize Revenue  

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