Your 5-Step Solution to Upgrade from an S04

Published on Fri, 09/24/2021 - 11:32am

Your 5-Step Solution to Upgrade from an S04.

 By Dana Charban.

 Choosing a new cattle chute is an exciting time for your operation, but it comes with the challenge of sifting through the noise to decide which manufacturer, and which model, is right for your needs.

When determining the chute that is best suited for you, it’s important to look beyond just the obvious features such as access and head gate operation to narrow down the right fit. Many cattle chute manufacturers have been slow to make upgrades to their equipment to adequately manage cattle in the 21st century, and continue making chutes that are difficult and time consuming to work livestock in. Not to mention the challenges associated with the larger livestock that we are now producing! These limitations are challenging when you have less help, less time, and more cattle to work.

Arrowquip offers an extensive lineup of cattle chutes, ranging from the virtually silent Q-Power 107 Series hydraulic chute to the world-renowned Q-Catch 87 Series, the highly efficient 400 Series models, and now the brand-new Q-Catch 54 Series squeeze chute that is ideal for the up-and-coming rancher to start out on the right foot. All Arrowquip cattle chutes are designed to make working cattle faster, easier, and safer than ever before, and offer a width of 29.5” standard on every model to ensure that even the largest cattle can fit through easily (or 31.5” on The General!). However, there are key differences between the different models in the Arrowquip lineup that are suited to the needs of specific producers, so it is important to choose the right model for your operation the first time to save you headaches in the future.

Struggling to determine which model is right for your needs? This 5-Step Solution will help you narrow it down to find the perfect chute for your cattle ranch.

1. How many head are you running annually?
All Arrowquip cattle chute models come with a recommended capacity, to make it easy for cattle producers to determine which chute is right for their needs. With capacity ranging from 1000 – 5000 head in the Q-Catch line, and 2500 to 5000 head per year with the Q-Power line, and unlimited capacity with their brand new General feedlot-quality hydraulic chute, these options ensure that there is a suitable solution for every cattle ranch, and every budget.

2. Do you need rubber floors in your chute?
Arrowquip has become known throughout the industry as the “Rubber Floor Company”, since they are the first and only manufacturer to offer built-in true rubber floors in their cattle chutes.

With the 54 Series, however, Arrowquip has listened to the needs and requests of the industry for a budget-friendly chute option with just enough features. For that reason, Arrowquip has made the 54 Series chute with steel floors and 1/2" square bar treads for excellent traction, while keeping the cost of the equipment reasonable for any operation to obtain.

3. How important is the quietness of your cattle chute?
Quiet cattle is the gold standard of cattle handling, and it can make all of the difference when it comes to the stress levels in your livestock. A quiet cattle chute that doesn’t rattle and keeps your livestock calm as they walk through the chute makes processing easier for producers to work livestock. This is even more important when completing stress-sensitive tasks such as AI or semen testing.

With Q-Catch chutes, the higher the model, the more quiet points you will get. The Q-Catch 87 Series and Q-Power 107 Series have set the standard in the industry by minimizing processing noise throughout the handling experience. With 87 and 107 quiet points found throughout the chute, respectively, including caulked sheet metal, nylon bushings on pivot and latch points, and so much more, the 700 Series chutes are truly the best when it comes to quiet cattle handling.

4. Do you prefer manual or hydraulic operation?
While some consider budget to be the only reason you should go all-out for a hydraulic model, that isn’t always the case. Hydraulic chutes are easier to use and require less physical work to manage your livestock. When you’re running larger numbers, or even just wanting to move faster to get more through the chute in less time, a hydraulic chute can be a huge benefit to your operation.

5. Do you need a palpation cage on your chute?
For most of their chutes, Arrowquip offers the choice of the Standard model with no palpation cage, or the Deluxe Vet with attached palpation cage included. To determine if a palpation cage is a requirement for you, ask yourself these three questions.
    a. Do you use AI, breeding synchronization, or preg check your cattle?
    If the answer is yes, a palpation cage is a must-have.
    b. Are you working with limited space?
    If you have a specific, tight footprint where you’re placing your chute, the Deluxe Vet model may not fit. If that is the case, be sure you are choosing a chute that offers adequate access in other areas to make up for it!
    c. Is there an easy way to get from one side of your working system to the other?
    While this may not be the most obvious use, a palpation cage is also an excellent spot for handlers to move from one side of their working system to the other!

To further enhance the value of their equipment, Arrowquip has recently introduced a brand-new Unlimited Warranty Program that takes their already high-quality equipment to the next level by backing it for up to 15 years*! This industry-leading warranty program is enhanced by their Client Care Team who provide on-demand assistance to ranchers whenever an issue may arise, to get you back up and running faster than ever before.

For more information on Arrowquip products, or further assistance in determining what product is right for your needs, visit or call 1-877-383-7827 to speak to a Livestock Equipment and Design Specialist.
* 15 Year Warranty applies to the Q-Catch 87 Series, Q-Power 107 Series, and the General cattle chutes and is only limited to the yearly number of cattle run through. Warranty may vary based on product of choice.  Subject to change without notice.